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Human communication is bound to the language, respectively to words. When you read websites of different winegrowers or when you listen to the words of several winemakers you will recognize that they all use the same words and cant the same phrases like “the quality arises in the vineyards”, “production close to the nature”. A lot of winegrowers have labels on their bottles which make you associating their wine with nature and soil, sustainability certificates are shown etc.

Therefore for the consumers  it is going to be harder and harder to choose and to find the wine they are looking for. With our homepage we want to give you as much insight in our working, wine philosophy and thinking in general as possible as to keep the above mentioned communication problem as low as possible.


What is our philosophy?

Our economic activity is based on the principle that we are only guests on our earth and that our earth needs to be sustained for future generations. A sentence often cited in this context is “we have only rented the earth from our descendants”.

In other words, every farmer, actually every land owner – to own the land  means nothing else but to be directly responsible for a part of our planet earth – has the duty to handle his land carefully and to use it to the common good, e.g. to produce healthy food and not to destroy the land.

This is the principle in our daily work and is implemented without “the ifs and buts”.

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